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The Subtle Pump: Craniosacral Techniques, Vital to Combine with the Chiropractic Adjustment for Neurological Disorders

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About this talk

Early development theories such as Jean Piaget's developmental stage theory proposed that sensorimotor integration was central to neurotypical development and where a child struggles to coordinate their initial sensory experiences, further stages of development will be impaired. This theory has been shown to be accurate as research has demonstrated that Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) appear to be associated with sensory reactivity and a lack of appropriate motor coordination. Yet, more than two decades of intense thorough research into ASC has been unsuccessful in determining the cause of symptoms such as a loss in social communication, interaction difficulties, and repetitive behaviors.

To my knowledge, no studies have been conducted that explore the impact of early sensorimotor difficulties on the development of subsequent ASC symptoms. A core premise of chiropractic is that our job is to utilize the chiropractic adjustment as a tool to restore appropriate sensorimotor function. That said, our profession has largely dismissed the fact that a dysfunction in the normal flow of the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) will result in sensorimotor difficulties that can leave a person who is suffering from ASC feeling frustrated, angry, sad and isolated. This presentation will demonstrate the link between cranial and spinal misalignments that result in an abnormal flow of the CSF and abnormal sensorimotor neurology. By combining the chiropractic adjustment with craniosacral techniques, a Chiropractor can help reduce the symptomatology associated with ASC and improve difficulties coordinating sensory input into planning and executing movement effectively.

Objectives: 1) Review the normal flow of the CSF throughout the ventricles and spinal canal. 2) Demonstrate how dysfunctions within the entire musculoskeletal system will affect sensorimotor pathways to and from the brain, resulting in an alteration in the normal flow of the CSF which results in negative neurological reactions. 3) Demonstrate how cranial dysfunction and spinal subluxations may be the result of structural trauma during the in-utero period, labor and delivery, and/or childhood injuries and are best addressed in conjunction with each other to provide effective and longer-lasting treatment results.

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