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Increase Mental Focus, Behavior, & Sleep in Your Children

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About this talk

Learn how to safely and effectively use pure essential oils with neuro-protective properties to help enhance behavior, emotional connection, inflammation control and mental focus. There are so many incredible ways to impact the brain and nervous system with powerful frequency of essential oils! Learn how to implement without overwhelm and learn which oils to use in which situations even for our sensory sensitive kids! Practitioners can learn how to implement small tools that make a big difference. Here is a testimonial from one of our doctors

In using DDR prime DNA repair blend Pediatric Chiropractic and DDR PRIME helping FREE a 4 year old with autism.

He was unable to communicate (he could say words but not in a conversation), make eye contact, sleep, learn, understand bowel or bladder sensations, and had constant meltdowns and temper-tantrums. He was STUCK so far into fight or flight. After 6 months of chiro care he was able to self-regulate, sleep thru the night, make eye-contact. He started communicating with mom, asking for “help, please”.

Just last month, Mom started using DDR Prime on his spine. He woke up that first morning, looked his mom in the eyes, and said, “what time is it?”

This may seem small, but these are big wins for this family. As this quarantine has shut down schools, his “other” resources are unavailable. (He had been getting speech and OT for several years). His support right now is chiropractic and eos. So vital to his recovery.

Just last week he told him mom he had to poop! Such amazing victories for this family.

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