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Building Mitochondrial Power with NAD+ Precursors, Sirtuin-Activating Compounds, and Methylation support

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Throughout the history of “anti-aging medicine” there have been many biomarkers identified that decline with health (e.g. glutathione, DHEA), yet supplementing any of these alone has not changed aging trajectory as hoped. NAD+, however, is emerging as a central player underneath much of the decline in the aging human. This is most directly due to its central role in both mitochondrial vitality and nuclear-mitochondrial coordination, and more indirectly to its vast role as a signaling molecule coordinating multiple aspects of metabolism and homeostasis. Depletion of NAD+ levels negatively impacts a vast array of functions, including energy generation, brain function and cognition, cardiometabolic health, muscle mass, circadian rhythms, immune integrity and inflammatory response, intestinal barrier integrity, and genome integrity. Many new trends in diet for cardo-metabolic and aging health, including intermittent fasting, water fasting, keto diets, and fasting-mimicking diets, tout benefits, such as sirtuin activation, that are dependent on adequate NAD+ levels. However, with age it is hard to maintain the levels necessary to fully deliver on these interventions. For example, AMPK activation through ketogenic diets will activate fat metabolism and insulin sensitization but will only fully activate mitochondrial biogenesis if NAD+ levels are sufficient to activate sirtuins. Currently, the best way to build NAD+ levels in aging populations is with the direct precursors, Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). We will discuss use of these precursors, their use with sirtuin-activating compounds (SAC), their balancing with methylation supplements, and the application of nano-liposomal delivery systems for efficient uptake.

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Dr. Christopher Shade

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