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Wynford Dore

Wynford Dore

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About this Speaker

Wynford started his first business venture age 14 while still at school. At 24 he started research into fire protection and his "out of the box" created innovative fire protection methods for buildings - to stop catastrophic events like the collapse of the Twin Towers. His products are now sold all around the globe.

But his daughter was struggling in school - and depression set in. One day she attempted to take her life. Mercifully she was saved. But this was a life-changing moment - he sold his very successful companies to focus on "learning". He surrounded himself with researchers at the cutting edge in these spheres -and prepared them to be drastic in their approach. His approach was radically different. His obsession is... "we must improve their ability to learn - and thus their quality of life - fast". He discovered that the cause of struggles with learning is nearly always rooted in the cerebellum. Furthermore, by stimulating it with carefully chosen exercises brain plasticity is increased - and rapid progress in learning and skill development follows. He bought a famous private school in England and then research with 45,000 followed - and today his exercise programs are used around the world. Today he's helped by a world-class Expert Panel and he's a Board Member of The Reach Institute in New York - a charity dedicated to supporting families with children with learning issues. Visit My Virtual Marketplace Site

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