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Tamara Duncan

Tamara Duncan

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Tami is a multi-dimensional healer trained in many methods only to throw them out and learn to tune into the flow of her own heart. As she journeyed in her life through suicide, grief and autism, she learned and taught others how to enter into a state of flow. In that state, where all things are possible, is where Tami works and develops new healing practitioners, tranformational programs and individual client sessions. As she states..."I have no agenda I allow my soul to speak to yours to see what's up!" This is the magic where Tami works at the soul level and beautiful energy of unconditional love. She will tell you that everyone is her teacher but her her main infuences come from the beautiful "awesome children" from the autism community and her animal companions. She loves to create crystal healing jewelry, teach, mentor, love and embody her soul purpose into her life actions. Her ability to tune in, facilitate healing and create knows no bounds. While she may speak telepathically to your children, your animals or the tree in your backyard, you can be sure to have some "Epiphany" during your time with Tami. Enjoy meeting her in one of her programs, trainings, appointments or even a transformational retreat! Her most powerful creations are the book Vibrational Healing for Autism and her online program The Autism Transformation Project. Each touching the lives deeply and profoundly who choose to participate. She is also a certified Yoga and Meditation instructor.

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