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Dr. Richard Deth PhD

Dr. Richard Deth PhD

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Dr. Richard Deth is Professor of Pharmacology at Nova Southeastern University and Director of the Brain Research and Integrated Nutrition (B.R.A.I.N.) Center. For the past several decades his laboratory research has investigated molecular mechanisms underlying autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease and other brain disorders, with a particular focus on antioxidant and methylation metabolic pathways. His laboratory was first to discover the unique phospholipid methylation activity of D4 dopamine receptors and its role in gamma frequency neural network activity during attention, as well as the potent inhibitory effects of mercury, aluminum and thimerosal. Subsequently, it was demonstrated that opioid peptides released from gluten and casein inhibit glutathione synthesis with epigenetic consequences. Studies in postmortem brain tissue revealed dynamic changes in methylB12 across the lifespan and prematurely low levels in autistic subjects. In 2003 Dr. Deth published the monograph "Molecular Origins of Human Attention" and in 2008 he proposed the "Redox/Methylation Hypothesis of Autism".

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