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Bonnie Brandes MA. Ed.

Bonnie Brandes MA. Ed.

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Quantum Reflex Integration

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For the past 28 years, Bonnie has devoted herself to working with children and adults with learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and physical challenges. She began as an advocate and counselor for Utah State Department of Rehabilitation in Vernal, Utah. She later became a special education teacher in middle school and then the special education department chair for San Diego High School. As a reading specialist, she oversaw a district pilot program that incorporated “learning centers” within the schools for dyslexia that used both movement and advanced reading programs. The program brought significant improvement in not only reading and handwriting, but also math and behavior as well. Bonnie has a B.S. from Utah State University in Psychology and Behavior Modification and a Masters in Multicultural Language Development from National University.

She has studied herbs and nutrition for over 40 years and has a background in kinesiology programs as Touch for Health. She was a MNRI (Masgutova Neuro-sensory-motor Reflex Integration) International Specialist and instructor and a licensed Educational Kinesiologist (Brain Gym) Consultant and instructor. Bonnie’s book on primitive reflexes, “The Symphony of Reflexes: Interventions for human development, autism, ADHD, CP, and Other Neurological Disorders was listed on Amazon’s hot sellers and introduces “Brain Boost,” a program used to assist in reflex integration. Bonnie has developed and introduced an innovative program called Quantum Reflex Integration. QRI uses the QRI Harmonic low level laser combined with sound frequencies, as well as reflex integration techniques.

Bonnie has worked with frequencies for over 30 years using various machines and generators. She trains professionals and parents internationally how to use the QRI protocols for children and adults. The QRI™ protocols are also presented in a home program or taught in classes that parents and specialists find easy to follow or taught in various QRI classes. Children and adults both enjoy the program and often request laser sessions. Therapists around the world are getting results with their clients and are using the program for themselves as well. Individuals with conditions such as autism, ADD/ADHD, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, dementia, learning disabilities, Parkinson’s disease, strokes, and pain are finding improvement with QRI™ reflex integration. Learn how primitive reflexes play an important role in the development of the neurological system in all aspects of our cognition, behavior, and movement. They affect our quality of life, determine our potential, and even our happiness. For children with disabilities, a group of unintegrated or undeveloped reflexes can not only affect their ability to learn but also play a large part in other neurological conditions, such as autism, learning disorders and cerebral palsy. Listen to the founder of Quantum Reflex Integration explain how acupuncture points, cold laser with frequencies and sound to integrate primitive reflexes for more efficient neurological processing. Visit My Virtual Marketplace Site

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